Entrepreneur financing and coaching

Entrepreneur financing and coaching

Coaching services based on a thorough understanding of entrepreneurs' needs.

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) require financing and advisory services tailored to their needs to ensure their performance, market access and ability to become competitive.

We offer a wide range of strategic services (such as market access, competitiveness and innovation) and operational services (such as registration, taxes and formalization) that allow businesses to survive and grow.

Our goals

  • Promote the contribution of MSMEs to job creation and economic growth
  • Encourage women's participation in economic development
  • Reduce poverty in developing and emerging countries

Our services

Relying on a proven international track record in inclusive finance, we combine our financing and consulting expertise to propose services based on a full understanding of the needs of entrepreneurs in developing and emerging countries.

Diagnosis and mapping

  • Needs assessment of entrepreneurial segments
  • Identification of intervention facilitators
  • Positioning in terms of the financial products and consulting services required

MSME formalization and compliance

  • Diagnosis of the formalization process
  • Identification of intervention barriers and facilitators
  • Advice and best practices

Consulting for inclusive finance institutions

  • Structuring and optimization of practices
  • Identification of best practices in governance

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Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership Pathway

  • Consulting services focused on women's entrepreneurial and leadership capacities
  • Emphasis on soft skills (such as leadership and confidence) through training, coaching and mentoring

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Value chains

Development of strategies combining financing and consulting in specific contexts (such as agriculture and the environment)

Growth Pathway

Strategy development in the form of a training pathway targeting a market segment or group of entrepreneurs pursuing growth and innovation objectives

Young Entrepreneur Pathway

Development of programs combining financial education, coaching and financing for young entrepreneurs, inspired by Desjardins's solidarity-based finance program

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Some of our accomplishments in entrepreneur coaching

Since 2010, we've led over 80 entrepreneur coaching initiatives in the microfinance sector.


We set up and supported an entrepreneur financial centre (EFC) to become a stand-alone business. We implemented a wide range of financial products, including products specifically for women, and an entrepreneur support program. The EFC helps 100% of its 5,000 client MSMEs formalize their business and offer banking services.


We've worked in 10 agricultural regions to support the development of more than 5,000 agropastoral businesses started and run by young entrepreneurs 18 to 35 years old. Through the AEP-Youth program, we've analyzed 1,874 business plans and referred 1,355 young entrepreneurs to rural financial institutions.


Through the National Support Program for Organizing Haitian Entrepreneurship (PANSEH), we helped the financial cooperative network Le Levier design a financial product specifically for women. This product, called Kombit Fanm, has given 47 women's groups in Haiti's Artibonite department access to financing, which has increased their participation in economic activity.

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