Environment and climate change

Environment and climate change

We help the populations of developing countries adapt to climate change.

We propose environmental protection and climate change strategies to financial institutions and the communities they serve to raise awareness and help them reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change.

Our services

For populations

  • Measures to cut greenhouse gases and adapt to climate change
  • Education and training on the environment and climate change
  • Crop insurance to protect farmers in the event of crop loss caused by natural disasters
  • Support for farmers in adopting sustainable and climate-resilient agricultural practices

For financial institutions

  • Environmental protection and climate change management policies and strategies
  • Internal carbon footprint measuring and monitoring
  • Green finance products and services
  • Environmental and social (E&S) risk management
  • Climate change vulnerability assessments for credit portfolios
  • Skills development and coaching

For institutional and governmental actors

  • Assistance in supporting the population
  • Education and training on the environment and climate change

Our accomplishments in environmental protection

Energy efficiency

In Paraguay, in collaboration with Canadian firm Econoler, we helped the microfinance institution Fundación Paraguaya create an innovative green finance product to encourage its clients to switch to induction cooking, which is safer and eco-friendlier than gas or coal cooking.

Environmental and social (E&S) risk management

We helped several financial institutions develop and implement:

  • An E&S responsibility policy
  • A strategy to reduce their internal carbon footprint
  • E&S risk management for their clients