Transformation of agri-food systems

Transformation of agri-food systems

Sustainable transformation to improve food security and contribute to the economic and social development of developing countries.

We believe that facilitating access to financial services, developing rural entrepreneurship, adopting sustainable farming practices, increasing women's access to economic opportunities and improving the food supply will help boost the economic power of farmers, reduce poverty and improve food security for all.

Our goals

  • Identify the technical, economic and social constraints that affect the performance of agri-food systems
  • Establish levers to bring about sustainable changes in the practices of the actors, partners and beneficiaries involved (farmers, financial institutions and governments)
  • Coordinate the actors responsible for these components

Our services

  • Developing rural entrepreneurship (financial education, better access to resources, financing and coaching services)
  • Empowering women and increasing their economic power
  • Coaching and capacity building for financial institutions
  • Creating and implementing risk management programs
  • Integrating young entrepreneurs (capacity building, coaching and financing)
  • Reducing the environmental impact of agriculture
  • Shaping agriculture policies that promote agri-food system development

Our accomplishments in agri-food system transformation

Supporting agricultural finance to promote the financial inclusion of rural populations: The PASAC project in Colombia

This project aims to support the agriculture industry by facilitating farmers' access to 3 key factors for increasing productivity: financial education, financing and insurance.

Learn more about the PASAC project

Supporting the professionalization of agricultural credit methodologies: The FARM project in Mali

This project aims to strengthen financial institutions that offer agricultural financing, streamline value chains and implement risk management mechanisms for farmers and financial institutions. This project has helped get more women and young people involved in agriculture while promoting sustainable development.

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Supporting the creation of an entrepreneur financial centre: The EFECS project in Sri Lanka

This project helped stimulate the local economy in a sustainable way and improve the cooperative finance sector's ability to provide financial and non-financial products and services customized for different actors in the value chain.

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