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Paper consumption accounts for almost a quarter of Desjardins Group's greenhouse gas emissions. With a view to facing climate change head-on, Desjardins uses the paper that has the least impact on the environment.

We recommend using the Rolland Enviro paper line for all material printed by or for Desjardins. It offers many environmental advantages:

  • Made 100% of post-consumer fiber.
  • Certified FSC®, Processed Chlorine Free, Ancient Forest Friendly and ECOLOGO 2771
  • Made in Quebec from biogas from the decomposition of waste.

Products printed on Rolland Enviro paper must include the 100% recycled (Möbius strip) and may include the other environmental logos if space permits.

If you can't use the range of Rolland Enviro paper products because of technical or other constraints, we recommend choosing locally-manufactured paper with the highest possible post-consumer recylced content.

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