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Desjardins recognizes the strength and wealth of diversity and equity in its efforts to ensure its continuity.

It is through openness, recognition of diversity and hospitality that Desjardins manifests its focus on human values. We are particularly proud of the following initiatives toward diversity.

Équité en emploi

At Desjardins, we believe that everyone should have equitable access to employment. As a result, we've implemented a program that:

  • promotes the fair representation of diversity in our workforce
  • attracts and retains an innovation-driven workforce
  • promotes the cooperative values of integrity, respect and equality

Desjardins Group Equity Committee

To increase the representation of women in senior executive positions, Desjardins Group has implemented several strategies:

  • executive succession programs
  • development plans
  • nominations to committees or assignment to special mandates
  • mentorship and coaching
  • work-life balance initiatives
  • a female executive support network
  • lectures and information about careers at Desjardins

To learn more about women at Desjardins Group who stand out, see Awards and recognition.

  • Desjardins Group is the main sponsor of Quebec's immigration expo, Salon de l'immigration et de l'intégration.
  • As part of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal's Interconnection program, Desjardins Group holds twinning activities to meet qualified candidates who have recently immigrated.
  • Desjardins Group has been a member of the Canadian Board Diversity Council since 2010.

For more information, visit the following websites:

For ways to integrate newcomers to the workplace, see Newcomers to Canada.

Young Intern Director Program

Desjardins invites young people ages 18 to 30 to be part of the Young Intern Director Program and complete a practical 1-year internship on a caisse Board of Directors. Working with elected directors, young intern directors learn the various aspects of the role of caisse director and build a valuable network of professional contacts to help them further their career.

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Hiring students

Desjardins Group hires students from many cultures in its many client contact centres. Our centres offer a flexible environment supportive of student schedules. Our goal: to offer students full-time work at the end of their studies. See Students, interns and recent graduates.

Participation in job fairs and seminars

Always on the lookout for new talent, Desjardins takes part in various university recruiting events and job fairs. See Upcoming recruiting events.

Desjardins's position on language

Desjardins makes it a point of honour to follow the guidelines established by the Charter of the French Language and the Credit Unions and Caisses Populaires Act 1994 in Ontario.

However, the number of Anglophone and allophone clients and members is growing. As a result, Desjardins Group has adopted a language policy consistent with its cooperative service principles, in compliance with applicable legislation.

  • Service in English, French or in another language

    With their members and clients, Desjardins Group components use the other's spoken language, usually French or English. If qualified personnel is available, members of cultural communities can obtain service in their own language. Standard contracts are available to members and clients in French and English.

  • English and French as the languages of internal communications

    French is predominant in all internal communications throughout the network. But in a concerted effort to meet the needs of components or units in which several employees speak English, internal communications may also be done simultaneously in both languages with equal regard to language quality.

  • Second language instruction

    To promote a better understanding of the needs of linguistic communities and to benefit from a more flexible workforce, Desjardins components encourage their employees to learn a second language.