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Logging in to AccèsD and AccèsD Affaires just got easier

You won't see your security phrase or image when you log in anymore. Simply enter your username and password on the same page. It's faster and just as secure.

These login changes will happen gradually.

Learn more - about the new way to log in

Yes, as you're securely logged in to your Desjardins account when interacting with the voice assistant. In addition, tasks performed by the voice assistant are secured by the 4-digit voice access code you set up when linking your Desjardins account. You're responsible for safekeeping your information and access code.

To learn more, see the Terms of Use for the Desjardins Action on Google Home or Google Assistant.

Your questions and answers will be temporarily recorded by Google and stored to improve the quality of service provided by Google Assistant and the Desjardins action. Google will delete this information shortly after you’ve interacted with the Desjardins action.

When installing Google Assistant on your device, some of the personal information you've provided to Google, excluding information on your Desjardins accounts, may be stored and used by Google in accordance with the agreements you have with Google, which may include Data security & privacy on Google Home and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Google may temporarily store your conversation data for the time it takes to fulfill your request and allow the Action to operate correctly, after which the data is deleted from Google. You will not be able to view a history of these interactions on Google Assistant's My Activity page.

Since your conversation data is not permanently logged by Google, it cannot be used for improving the application or user experience, improving Google products (such as Google Ads or Google Assistant) or sharing with third-party developers through remarketing or ads.

To learn more, see the Privacy Policy for Use of the Desjardins Voice Assistant with Google Home.

It's a 4-digit access code you must set up when linking your¸Desjardins account to Google Assistant. It can't be the same as your AccèsD password or debit or credit card PIN. You must provide the code every time you ask the voice assistant for your balance or latest transactions.

Yes, you must set up a 4-digit voice access code when linking your Desjardins account to Google Assistant. You must provide the code every time you ask the voice assistant for your balance or latest transactions.

We strongly advise against using your AccèsD password or debit or credit card PIN as your voice access code for Google Assistant. Choose a 4-digit access code that no one would be able to guess (don't use your address or date of birth). You're responsible for safekeeping your access code.

  • Open the Google Assistant app.
  • Tap Explore.
  • Tap the Your Actions menu.
  • Select Desjardins from the list.
  • Tap Unlink.

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