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Contactless technology lets you quickly pay for small purchases with your Desjardins credit card. No need to look for exact change, sign a receipt or enter your PIN for payments under $250 (this limit may vary from one merchant to the next).

The merchant enters the transaction amount at the cash register (amounts under $250), then activates the contactless reader located near you. After verifying the amount, wave your card in front of the secure reader. The reader will light up and beep to confirm that your card was correctly read and your transaction processed.

Check for the symbole contactless symbol on the front of Desjardins credit cards with contactless technology.

Desjardins wants to offer the most practical and easy-to-use card on the market. The contactless feature is a fast and secure way to pay for small purchases by credit card.

Contactless cards are practical and secure. You save time at checkout, you don't have to get out cash, and your card stays in your hand. And unlike cash purchases, all transactions made with your card show up on your account statement, helping you track your spending.

With contactless technology, your card never leaves your hands; you remain in control of its use throughout the transaction. This payment method only works for purchases under $250. If your purchase amount is higher than this limit, you will have to swipe or insert your card in the reader and continue authorizing the transaction as you normally would.

A purchase will only be charged to your card once, even if you touch the card reader several times after the merchant enters the amount at the cash register and activates the contactless reader.

Your Desjardins credit card must be placed very close to a contactless reader to be read. A transaction will not be charged to your card simply because you walk by a reader. And even if you wave your card in front of the reader more than once, only one transaction will be charged to your account.

The card must be held 1 to 2 inches from the contactless reader or lightly tapped against the reader. The reader will light up and beep to confirm that your card was correctly read.

Yes. Thanks to an agreement between Mastercard and Visa, you can make contactless payments on other types of contactless payment readers.

The cardholder's liability with respect to contactless technology is the same as for any other credit card transaction. Thanks to the ZERO liability feature available at no cost on all Desjardins credit cards, you are protected against fraud. Desjardins guarantees a full refund to its cardholders for all fraudulent transactions carried out with their card.

If your credit card is lost or stolen you must immediately contact Desjardins Card Services at 514-397-4600 in the Montreal area or toll free at 1-800-266-5652. Your card will be deactivated right away and a replacement will be mailed to you.

Learn more about refund requests in the event of fraud

As a rule, the limit authorized for contactless transactions is $250, but this limit can vary from one merchant to the next. Exception: if you pay at the pump in gas stations, the limit goes up to $150 to include the standard preauthorization amount required. If a transaction can't be completed using the contactless feature, simply swipe or insert your card in the reader. Then sign the receipt or enter your PIN to complete the transaction.

Yes. Since merchants set their own limits for contactless payments, you may have to sign or enter your PIN if your purchase amount exceeds a merchant's limit.

They are processed like all other credit card transactions and appear on your account statement like any transaction you authorize by signing a receipt or entering your PIN.

You can usually find contactless technology at merchant locations where payment speed is important, like fast food restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores and movie theatres.

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