FAQ – Card technology – Visa Desjardins chip credit cards

When making transactions at retail outlets equipped with chip-enabled point of sale terminals, the chip card is inserted into the terminal and remains there until the end of the transaction. Your PIN replaces your signature.

Cards are replaced according to card expiry dates. Replacement of Desjardins credit cards across Canada will be ongoing until the beginning of 2012.

As for new card accounts, they are automatically issued chip cards.

If you already have a PIN on your card, it will automatically be transferred to your new card. If not, see the instructions on your new card holder regarding how to put a PIN on your card by phone through Desjardins Card Services (DCS).

You don't need to hurry and put a PIN on your current credit card. Having one, however, can be useful since it allows you to get cash advances at Desjardins, Interac, PLUS and Visa ATMs throughout the world.

You can change your PIN by calling Desjardins Card Services.

Personal: 1-800-363-3380 or 514-397-4415

Business: 1-800-266-5662 or 514-397-4600

This is a new payment method (commonly called "contactless payment") available for small dollar transactions at certain retailers.

When making a transaction on chip-enabled equipment, you must follow the instructions displayed on the terminal to make the transaction with your PIN. If the equipment has not been upgraded to chip technology, you'll have to sign a transaction receipt.

You only have to sign a transaction receipt when you use your chip card for the first time. Afterwards your PIN will replace your signature as your authorization for the transaction.

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