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No, you don't have to let us know. Our fraud prevention systems detect suspicious transactions in your account twentyfour seven, no matter where you are.

Yes, you'll get exactly the same protection. And, as before, your card could be locked if we detect suspicious activity in your account.

There is a 2.5% fee for any foreign currency amount charged to your account and converted into Canadian dollars. Here’s how it’s calculated:

  1. The amount of a purchase is converted into Canadian dollars at the exchange rate in effect on the date we receive the invoice from the merchant.
  2. A 2.5% fee is then added to this amount. The exchange rate that is applied is the rate used by Visa Inc.

Consult the Visa currency converter - External link. This link will open in a new window..

  • In the My Card Is In field, select Canadian Dollars (CAD).
  • In the My Transaction Was In field, select the currency of your purchase.
  • In the Enter Bank Fee field, enter 2.5.


The resulting exchange rate will include the conversion fee. Do the opposite calculation to find out how many Canadian dollars you paid for a purchase in a foreign currency.

To get the exchange rate without the conversion fees, enter 0 in the Enter Bank Fee field.

The 2.5% conversion fee also applies to cash advances. Interest charges are calculated from the transaction date until the cash advance is fully repaid.

Use the Visa ATM Locator.

The amount of your refund may be different from the amount of your purchase when the transaction is made in a foreign currency.

First, the exchange rate varies throughout a day which can cause a difference between the purchase amount and the credit amount.

Moreover, there are 2 types of exchange rates: the selling rate and the buying rate. The selling rate is used when a purchase is made in a foreign currency whereas a buying rate is used for refunds. So, when you buy an item and return it, a different exchange rate is used, which results in a difference in the purchase amount and refunded amount.

To find out the difference between the selling and buying rate, go to Exchange rates for cheque drafts/wire transfers.

Please note that Desjardins Card Services is not required to refund clients for this difference.



  • In Canada or the US: Call the number on the back of your credit card
  • Other countries (toll-free): 514-397-4610
  1. Calls from a mobile phone might result in charges from your service provider.

Some U.S. gas pumps ask you to enter a 5-digit zip code when paying for gas directly at the pump. The zip code corresponds to the cardholder's postal code.

Since your credit card is Canadian, we offer a solution that lets you pay at the pump by entering the 3 digits in your postal code followed by “00.” For example, if your postal code is H2Z 2W3, you would enter “22300.”

This solution only works with your permanent address or active temporary address.

If you have a U.S. address, your 5-digit ZIP code will work.

Be sure not to confuse the zip code with your PIN. These numbers are different.

Please note that not all U.S. gas pumps require a zip code.

As with all Desjardins credit cards, new cards feature a 5-digit PIN. Make sure to use a PLUS* network ATM. This network is the equivalent of Canada's InteracMD network and recognizes 5-digit PINs, like the one used for your card. If you're asked to enter a 4-digit PIN during a transaction, enter your 5-digit PIN anyway.

Yes. Our fraud prevention systems detect suspicious transactions whether you’re at home or abroad. If something happens, we'll contact you to verify the transaction in question.

Transactions aren't always refused because they're made in a particular location. Sometimes, they're refused because of late payments or they exceed the limit in the account.

No. You're protected by Zero Liability in the event of fraud. If your credit card is used to commit fraud, we'll fully reimburse you for the transaction.

When you receive your statement, check your transactions and contact us if you notice anything strange. You can also check your transactions on AccèsD.

Learn more about Zero Liability

Yes. We may send you a text message to verify suspicious credit card transactions. You'll just have to answer “Yes” or “No” to tell us if you authorized the transaction. It's important to make sure your information is updated so we can contact you as soon as possible if we need to. Also, be aware that we will never ask you for personal or confidential information during one of these communications.

Learn more about fraud prevention

Yes. It's important to update your information because we want to contact you as quickly as possible if something happens.

How to update your information

  1. Log in to AccèsD.
  2. Click Options in the Cards, loans and credit section.
  3. Click Manage card and Manage account.
  4. Click Change address in the menu on the left.
  5. Update your email and phone number.

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