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You can transfer up to $5,000 per 24-hour period.

If you have a monthly plan, there are no additional fees for sending Interac e-Transfers. They're included in your plan's transactions.

However, if you exceed the number of transactions included in your plan or if you don't have a monthly plan, fees may apply.

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It's free to receive an Interac e-Transfer.

Yes, with Interac e-Transfer, you can send money to anyone with an account at a participating Canadian financial institution.

All you need is the mobile phone number or email address of the person you want to send money to.

In most cases, the recipient receives a notification a few minutes after the money is sent. The money is deposited as soon as the recipient accepts the transfer. It may take up to 30 minutes to receive the notification.

If someone sends you an Interac e-Transfer, you'll receive an email or text from Interac containing the sender's name.

The mode of transmission (email or text) is decided by the sender when sending the transfer.

Follow the steps in the video on this page to deposit the money in your account.

Here's a summary of these steps:

  1. Click the link in the email or text.
  2. Select Desjardins.
  3. Log in to AccèsD.
  4. Answer the security question correctly.
  5. Choose the account where you want to deposit the money.
  6. Make sure the information you entered is accurate.
  7. Deposit the transfer.

You'll receive a confirmation number and the sender will receive an email notification that the transfer was completed.

An Interac e-Transfer expires 30 days after it's sent.

Yes. 100001 is the short code address used to send all Interac e-Transfer text notifications (transfer receipt notifications, reminders, etc.).

  1. Go to Manage active e-Transfers.
  2. Under e-Transfers in progress, select the transfer you want to cancel.
  3. Click Cancel e-Transfer on the e-Transfer information page.
  4. Select the account where you want to deposit the money.
  5. Click Confirm.

Yes. When you use Interac e-Transfer, the only things you'll receive by email or text are notifications or deposit instructions.

Desjardins and the recipient's financial institution follow several secure procedures to transfer your money:

  • Transaction encryption
  • Authentication before accessing financial institution transactional sites
  • Security question and answer before accessing funds
  • Technology for monitoring unusual transactions

Learn more about security measures at Desjardins

You have 3 attempts to answer the security question. After 3 incorrect attempts, the transfer will be cancelled.

It's a question only you and the recipient know the answer to. The recipient must answer the question correctly to receive the money.

You can retrieve the funds by cancelling the transfer according to the cancellation procedure. You can also reclaim the money through the link in the notification message that was sent to you.

You can't send a reminder in AccèsD.

But Interac sends regular reminders. After 30 days, the transfer expires and you can deposit the funds from the Manage active e-Transfers section.

Yes, some businesses accept Interac e-Transfers.

You can simply ignore it. It will expire in 30 days.

You can also directly decline a transfer by answering the security question (as if you were going to deposit the money). You'll then have the option to decline the transfer.

Yes, you can now receive an Interac e-Transfer by giving your Desjardins account number to the sender. You don't need to register for Interac or answer a security question. The funds are automatically deposited into your account.

No. Currently, it's not possible to send an Interac e-Transfer from a Desjardins account using the recipient's account number.

To choose a good security question, follow these tips:

  • Avoid questions that anyone could know the answer to, like "What's the capital of France?"

  • Make sure that only your recipient knows the answer to the question.
  • Let your recipient know the answer to the question through a different means of communication than the one you used to make the transfer.

No. Notifications are optional when sending a transfer.

Yes. When an Interac e-Transfer is sent to your account number, you don't have to answer a security question. The funds are automatically deposited into your account.

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