FAQ - Capital régional et coopératif - Share acquisition

You will receive a copy of the issue form as well as a short form prospectus with each subscription. Then, you will receive, at the mailing address indicated on the registration form, the following documents:

A detailed statement confirming your purchase of shares.

Regular statements will be sent to you twice a year reporting the progress of your shares for the periods ending June 30 and December 31. These statements will serve as share certificates.

You will also receive the Relevé 26, to be declared on your income taxes. If you have purchased shares before December 31, you will receive this form in February. For purchases made in January and February, you will receive the form at the end of March. Although Relevé 26 does not have to be submitted with your income taxes, it must be kept should Revenu Québec request it.

As well, at least 30 days before the company's Annual General Meeting, which must be held within 4 months following the end of the fiscal year, you will receive a Notice of Meeting accompanied by condensed consolidated financial statements as of December 31. Please note that shareholders who cannot attend the Annual General Meeting can nominate a proxy of their choice by filling out the proxy form included with the Notice of Meeting.

Following the adoption of the consolidated financial statements on June 30, you will also receive a semi-annual report containing the June 30 condensed consolidated financial statements.

When shares are available, the only authorized points of purchase for these shares are participating Caisse Desjardins branches. Present yourself at any caisse Desjardins to meet with an authorized representative. To find out which authorized Caisse Desjardins is closest to you, call 1 800 caisses or visit www.desjardins.com for the caisses in your region (in French only).

Administrative charges of $50 (including taxes) must be paid when the account is opened and closed.

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