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PerformPlus is a standard plan that can suit the needs of small businesses. Some basic coverages are compulsory and the organization can choose a combination of additional coverages.


  • Designed for groups from 3 to 50 people but can also meet the needs of larger groups.
  • Secure Web site for plan administrators.
  • Secure Web site for plan members.


  • Gives small and medium-size businesses the opportunity to offer their employees a group insurance plan that rivals the plans offered by their larger competitors.
  • Flexible enough to meet the needs of groups over 50 people.
  • Provides good covereage for employees at a reasonable cost.
  • The services available to plan administrators reduce the administrative tasks involved in managing the plan.
  • Easy to set up.

Find out more

Go to the Desjardins Financial Security site.

Did you know?

Desjardins is the only financial institution to offer its members both group insurance solutions and payroll and human resources services.

How to get this product
At the caisse At the caisse
Make an appointment with an advisor at a caisse.
At a Desjardins Business Centre At a Desjardins Business Centre
Make an appointment with an account manager at a Desjardins Business Centre.
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