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AccèsD security measures

To protect the integrity of the information you send when you make transactions on AccèsD or AccèsD Affaires Internet, Desjardins has set up several security measures.

AccèsD and AccèsD Affaires secure log-on procedure

The AccèsD and AccèsD Affaires log-on procedure has been designed to meet the highest possible information security standards allowing you to make your transactions in complete security.

Configuring your security settings

The first time you log on to AccèsD or AccèsD Affaires, you will be asked to configure your security settings. Important: No email will be forwarded to you asking you to configure your settings or change your configuration.

Configuring your security settings consists of 3 steps:

  1. Creating a personal phrase and memorising an image.
  2. Selecting 3 questions and entering the answers.
  3. Reviewing and confirming your new security settings.

By doing this, you protect your personal information by ensuring you are connected to the genuine AccèsD or AccèsD Affaires site.

To see the entire process, check out the online demonstration:

AccèsD and AccèsD Affaires log-on with settings

When you next log on and enter your Desjardins Access Card number or AccèsD Affaires user code, the system will display your personal phrase and image:

Your personal phrase and image displayed confirm that you are on the genuine AccèsD or AccèsD Affaires site. Never enter your password if either of these elements is missing!

If you log on from a non-usual location, you'll be asked to answer a question you've

This step verifies your identity. Simply answer the question to access your accounts.

To find out more about the AccèsD and AccèsD Affaires log-on procedure, see the frequently asked questions about logging on to AccèsD and AccèsD Affaires (FAQ).

If you have any other questions about the log-on procedure, contact a service advisor for AccèsD AccèsD Affaires (Quebec) or AccèsD Affaires (Ontario).

128-bit encryption

All transactions made on AccèsD and AccèsD Affaires Internet are 128-bit encrypted during transfer between the Desjardins mainframe and your computer.

Encryption is a procedure that makes a document illegible to unauthorised parties who try to gain access to it.

As a result, 128-bit encryption almost eliminates the chances of pirates to gain control of an AccèsD or AccèsD Affaires session. The confidentiality of your transactions is also ensured by the SSLv3 protocol, which guarantees that data is not decoded by unauthorized parties.

Our server ensures that your browser accepts 128-bit encryption before you log on AccèsD or AccèsD Affaires, which is why you will never be able to use the AccèsD and AccèsD Affaires Internet services unless you have the latest version of Microsoft Explorer. If you cannot log on, you may need to update your browser.

Procedure to update your computer

Automatic termination of a session

On AccèsD Internet and AccèsD Affaires, every session is automatically terminated after 8 minutes of inactivity. To log on again, you have to re-enter either your card number or user code and your password.

Despite this, don't leave your computer unattended if you are logged on to AccèsD Internet or AccèsD Affaires. Always log off before leaving your desk, even when you'll only be away for a few minutes.


Cookies are used on They identify your browser software when you move from site to site or page to page during a Web session. This information can then be used to facilitate your access to a site and your ability to navigate within the site. Cookies can only be read by the Website that sends them to your computer.

When you access the AccèsD or AccèsD Affaires transactional modules, a cookie file is automatically created in your computer. Our server can access this file, which stores information used to identify you and facilitate browsing.

The cookies used for the electronic edition of the Desjardins BONUSDOLLARS catalogue are used to gather information about your shopping cart and current session. These cookies ensure that items in your shopping cart are noted and displayed on your screen during your next visit. If the cookies are deactivated, it is no longer possible to use the electronic catalogue.

There are 2 types of cookies:

  1. Session cookies: these are not stored on your hard drive; they are stored in the memory and deleted when you log off AccèsD or AccèsD Affaires.
  2. Persistent cookies: these are stored on your hard drive and recalled at your next visit. It is not possible to use cookies to run programs or infect a computer with a virus.

In order to use AccèsD or AccèsD Affaires, your browser must accept cookies. If your browser is not set up to do so, just follow the procedure to change the configuration.

Digital certificates

The digital certificates of a Website can be compared to an ID card.

They are issued by certification authorities like Entrust or Verisign, and include the name, serial number, expiry dates and digital signature of the authority. This way, users can check the validity of the certificate and confirm the authenticity of the Website on which they are making transactions.

To check the digital certificate of AccèsD or AccèsD Affaires, click on the padlock at the bottom of the browser; you should see the name of the Website owner ( and the certificate validity period.


Access to is controlled by a firewall, among other security measures. A firewall is a security mechanism that filters attempts to access a Website in order to head off any unauthorised attempts or intrusions.

Find out more about firewalls.

Using the password

Your access code is used for 2 services (Internet and telephone service) and is composed of the last 12 numbers 1 on one of your Desjardins Access Cards. Only you have this number.

Your AccèsD password is different from the Personal Identification Number (PIN) linked with your Desjardins Access Card and is made up of 5 characters.

  • You will choose a personal password the very first time you log on. It must be 6 to 12 characters long: the first 3 must be numbers and at least one of the following characters must be a letter.
  • Use the entire password to log on to AccèsD Internet. Your access code and the first 3 numbers of your password gain you access to AccèsD telephone.
  • If you only use the phone service (AccèsD telephone), your password must be 3 numbers that you change by calling 514 CAISSES (514 224-7737) or 1 800 CAISSES (1-800-224-7737) from outside the Montreal area.

Choosing a good password

1. In some cases, your access code may be made up of a different set of 12 numbers.