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Returns - Equity Guaranteed Investment Portfolio - Retirement Income

Track your market-linked guaranteed investments on the stock market.

Weekly update
Last update: December 12, 2014

Equity Guaranteed Investment Portfolio - Retirement Income - December 11, 2014
Issue date (investment agreement) Term Initial index level Index level Cumulative appreciation 2 Maximum appreciation at maturity 4
July 18, 2011 5 years 100.00 118.04 18.0% 26.00%
April 21, 2011 5 years 100.00 116.82 16.8% 26.00%
February 18, 2011 5 years 100.00 113.17 13.2% 20.00%
November 17, 2010 5 years 100.00 120.68 20.7% 28.00%
September 14, 2010 5 years 100.00 124.42 24.4% 30.00%

2. The indicated percentage represents the appreciation of the index in relation to its initial level. This appreciation takes into account the characteristics of each market-linked guaranteed investment: it was raised for issues with a participation rate over 100%, and also considers participation rates that are lower than the index growth, if applicable. The appreciation also takes into account, if applicable, the annual higher and lower limits stipulated in the investment agreement. Your capital is guaranteed but the return may be nil. The return indicated (not expressed as an annual compound return) illustrates the trends of the various issues.

4. Maximum appreciation at maturity: certain issues have ceilings that determine the maximum amount you may receive at maturity.