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Your needs

Managing your accounts and your budget

Equip yourself with simple and effective solutions to manage your everyday transactions

Planning for school

A full range of financial products to make your life easier

Saving for a goal

Choose a savings plan

Financing your plans

Benefit from financial aid

Protecting yourself and your property

Plan for the unexpected

Starting your professional career

Enjoy solutions tailored to your needs

Get advice from Desjardins

Take advantage of expert advice

Our products

Prizes and scholarships

Financial aid to help you through school

Accounts and services

Desjardins Youth Profit Account

Designed for students

Student STRATEGIC Account

Take advantage of D Capital Solution

Desjardins Access Card

Safer and more practical than cash

AccèsD Internet

Manage your finances online

AccèsD Telephone

Your caisse at the other end of the line

Desjardins mobile services

Take your finances with you, wherever you go

Savings and investment

Student Savings Account

An investment that flourishes at the same time as your studies

Hop 'n S@ve instant savings tool

An accessible tool on your smartphone or tablet to open a High Interest S@vings Account and save at your own pace

Guaranteed fixed-rate investments

Saving without risk

Market-linked guaranteed investment

Invest in stock markets with a safety net

SocieTerra portfolios

Responsible investing

Investment funds

Options for diversifying your portfolio

TFSA Savings Account

Tax-free savings

RRSP retirement savings

Prepare for buying your first property and other major life events

Disnat online brokerage

Independent investing in the stock markets

Loans and credit

Student Advantage Line of Credit

Benefit from financial support

Student STRATEGIC Line of Credit

Line of credit for the D Capital Solution package

Auto loan

Financing for buying a car

Accord D financing

Another way to finance various purchases


Desjardins car insurance

Made-to-measure insurance for your automobile

Desjardins home insurance

Customized coverage for your home

Loan, line of credit and credit balance insurance

Meet your financial obligations even in tough times

Desjardins Travel Insurance

Travel with peace of mind

Life and health insurance

Coverage for your future