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Transaction plans

Transaction plans

Services and fees may vary from one caisse to another. Contact your caisse for further details.

Transaction/Operation Personal Chequing, Build-Up Savings, Regular Savings1 High-Yield
Desjardins ATMs
Withdrawal, transfer and payment of a bill registered in your file $1.00 $1.25
Deposit, account balance information, passbook update, summary of transactions, line-of-credit repayment Free Free
Additional fee for non-members
InteracTM 2
PlusTM 2 or CirrusTM


ATMs other than Desjardins
Interac $1.50 $1.50
Certain ATM operators apply supplementary charges.
$3.00 $3.00
AccèsD (Internet, mobile or Telephone)
Transfer and payment of a bill registered in your file $1.00 $1.25
Account balance information, online account statement, summary of transactions, line-of-credit repayment Free Free
Direct payment (Canada, United States) $1.00 $1.25
Direct deposit, pre-arranged transfer between accounts in the same folio Free Free
Direct withdrawal (pre-authorized payment) $1.00 $1.25
Automated transfer between accounts in different folios at the same or different caisses3 $1.00 $1.25
Cheque $1.00 $1.50
Teller services
Cashing, withdrawal or transfer $1.25 $1.50
Bill payment $2.25 $2.50
Deposit, account balance information accompanying a transaction, passbook update and line-of-credit repayment Free Free

TM Registered trademark of Interac Inc. Used under licence.

TM Registered trademark of CIRRUS SYSTEMS Inc.

1. Personal Chequing Account, Build-Up Savings Account and Distinctive Account.

2. For withdrawals made at non-Desjardins Interac- and Plus-affiliated ATMs, fees of $1.50 and $3.00 will apply respectively. For individual members of Desjardins caisses populaires affiliated with the Fédération des caisses populaires de l'Ontario Inc., Interac network access fees for a maximum of three withdrawals per month made from another financial institution's ATM ($1.50 per transaction) are waived for the following transaction plans: Mid-level, Autonomous, Autonomous Plus, Premier and Premier Plus. However, certain ATM operators charge additional fees for the use of their machines. They must inform the user via an on-screen message before processing the transaction. The user then has the option of cancelling the transaction. These fees are added to the amount of the withdrawal and paid directly to the ATM operator.

3. A $5.00 service charge applies to changes to billed automated transfers, performed at the counter.

Account maintenance charges may be applied to some accounts if your caisse savings and balances amount to less than $2,500.

The following charges will then apply:

Account Fee
Account with online statement
For all types of account Free
Account with monthly paper statement
For a chequing account4 including related regular savings accounts $1.00/month
Passbook account
For a chequing account4 $2.00/month
For a Regular Savings Account $2.00/month

4. Personal Chequing Account, Build-Up Savings Account and Distinctive Account.

Service Fee
Debit chip card
Renewal or defective card Free
Additional card for the same folio or unnecessary replacement (upon the second replacement to be requested in the past 12 months)
Regular delivery $5.00
Rush or urgent delivery $10.00
American ExpressTM single-signature traveller's cheques 1 % (min. $4.50)
Cheque retained for future cashing $5.00
NSF cheque or pre-authorized payment $42.50
Certified cheque
At signatory's request $10.00
At payee's request $15.00
Safety deposit box (annual rental)5 From $40.00
Order of personalized cheques5 Supplier's fee
Confirmation or information on balances, fees, interest, transactions or other operations
By telephone or at the counter $3.25
In writing $35.00/hour
Stop payment
With complete information (date, balance and name of payee)
On AccèsD $12.00
At the counter $13.00
With partial information $20.00
For a series of cheques or pre-authorized payments $20.00
Account overdraft
The first day $5.00
Subsequent day if increased $5.00
Cashing traveller's cheques
Member Free
Non-member $2.50/transaction
Closing an account
At the resquest of another financial institution $20.00
Less than 90 days after opening $20.00
Inactive folio after a written notice
Quebec Ontario
After 1 year After 2 years $12.00
After 2 years After 5 years $25.00
After 3 years After 10 years $45.00
Opening a trust account Between $250.00 and $500.005
Cheque or other document search
Less than 90 days $5.00 each
More than 90 days $35.00/hour (min. $17.50)
Registered plan
Total or partial withdrawal (RRSP, LIRA) $50.00, free for HBP or the LLP
Total or partial lump-sum withdrawal (RRIF, LIF) $50.00 each (first withdrawal free)
Preauthorized transfer (RRIF, LIF) Free
Transfer to a financial institution other than Desjardins (TFSA, RRSP, RRIF, RESP, RDSP)6 $50.006
Weekly paper account statement $1.00
Monthly online account statement (on AccèsD Internet) Free
Account statement with cheque images
Paper account statement
Weekly with paper cheque images $2.60
Weekly with online cheque images $1.10
Monthly with paper or online cheque images $2.00
Online account statement on AccèsD Internet
Monthly with paper or online cheque images $2.00
Drafts or money orders (all currencies)
Reimbursement and photocopy Between $10.00 and $50.00
Issuance Between $6.50 and $7.00
Administrative tasks
Requested by a member, a third party or as a result of a member's omission $35.00/hour (min. $17.50)
Set up of automatic transfer Free7
On request $5.50
Overdraft transfer
Registration fee Free
Monthly fee Free
Overdraft transfer fee8 Free
Interac e-Transfer (excluding withdrawal fees9) $1.00

TM Registered trademark and trademark of American Express Company.

5. Fees apply in Quebec only.

6. These charges are subject to the GST and QST (Quebec) or HST (Ontario).

7. A $5.00 fee applies to changes to transfers made at the teller counter.

8. Interest fees apply to your Visa Desjardins card for all cash advances.

9. Fees of $1.00 apply for personal chequing, build-up savings and regular savings accounts and fees of $1.25 apply for high-yield accounts.

Transaction Fee
Purchase and sale of American currency
Member Free
Non-member $5.00
Purchase and sale of currencies other than American $5.00
Issuance of a American dollar cheque on a Canadian dollar account $15.00
Cashing or deposit of cheques, money orders or drafts in a Canadian dollar account
American currency $2.50/deposit or cashing10
Other foreign currency $12.00/deposit or cashing11
American dollar money order $6.50
Draft in American dollars or other currency $7.00
Funds transfer
Within Canada Between $5.00 and $50.00
Outside Canada Between $0.00 and $80.00

10. Or cashing.

11. Fees of $12.00 apply for each deposit or cashing of more than 1 item (check, money order or draft) if these items are of the same foreign currency and country.

Some tips on reducing your fees:

  • Choose one of our transaction plans.
  • Consolidate your accounts.
  • Sign up for AccèsD.
  • Use Desjardins ATMs.
  • Automate your bill payments.
  • Use direct payment.
  • Sign up for direct deposit and overdraft transfer.
  • Choose automatic transfers.
  • Get a Visa* Desjardins credit card.

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* Visa Int. / Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec, authorized user.

Did you know?
Members with a permanent disability that prevents them from using ATMs can carry out their transactions at the counter at the reduced automated services rate. Simply ask a caisse employee for more information.

Plans and other accounts are available:

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