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Desjardins Entrepreneur Awards

2014 edition: 11 national recipients to discover

The national winners of the 2014 Desjardins Entrepreneur Awards were announced at a ceremony held on October 22, 2014, at Cité Desjardins de la coopération in Lévis.

See the list of national winners below to discover the award-winning enterprises.

Regional winners

National winner - Québec-Est - Productions horticoles Demers (in French only) (3 min 13 s)

For 50 years, Productions horticoles Demers in Lévi has been recognized for the exceptional quality of their products—tomatoes, strawberries and raspberries—grown in green houses and fields and distributed throughout Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes and New England in the United States.

Québec-Centre - Ferme Landrynoise (in French only) (3 min 38 s)

Built in 1962 by Jean-Marie Landry, Ferme Landrynoise is the largest dairy farm in Quebec and the second largest in Canada. Since 1990, the farm has specialized in the kosher dairy market, which now represents 65% of its annual production volume.

Québec-Ouest and Ontario - Agri-Fusion 2000 (in French only) (3 min 38 s)

Located in Saint-Polycarpe in Montérégie, Agri-Fusion 2000 is a business with large cereal crops that skillfully negotiated going organic and now supplies cereal products to bakeries like Première Moisson, Sunrise in Western Canada and Lakawana in the United States.

Québec-Est - Poitras Foundry (in French only) (3 min 12 s)

Poitras Foundry manufactures high mechanical resistance castings for the automotive transmission manufacturing market, exporting its products to the United States, South America and Asia.

National winner - Québec-Centre - Camoplast Solideal (in French only) (3 min 13 s)

Camoplast Solideal is a global leader specialized in the designing, manufacturing and distribution of off-road tires, wheels, rubber caterpillar tracks and running gear systems for the handling, construction, agriculture, motor sports and defense industries.

Québec-Ouest and Ontario - Les 7 doigts de la main (in French only) (3 min 13 s)

Established in Montreal in 2002, Les 7 doigts de la main is a circus company that has done more than 3,000 acclaimed shows in over 250 cities around the world, including a performance at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi.

National winner - Québec-Est - Dynaco Cooperative Group (in French only) (3 min 21 s)

An economic pillar in Eastern Quebec and New Brunswick, Dynaco Cooperative Group offers its members a variety of renovation, agriculture, machinery, transport and energy products and services that meet their needs.

Québec-Centre - Coopsco Trois-Rivières (in French only) (3 min 15 s)

Present in 4 academic establishments in its region, Coopsco Trois-Rivières provides computer material and equipment for various academic programs, a food service to its 19,000 members as well as themed conferences, conventions and exhibits for the entire Mauricie community.

Québec-Ouest and Ontario - Regard Action (in French only) (3 min 13 s)

With 400 independent opticians, optometrists, ophthalmologists in 180 offices across Canada, Regard Action provides tailored purchasing, management, training and innovation strategies to its members in the vision care market.

National winner - Québec-Est - Les Urbainculteurs (in French only) (3 min 13 s)

Established in 2009 to offer concrete sustainable development solutions, Les Urbainculteurs specializes in creating urban gardens to bring production areas closer to consumption areas, thereby limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

Québec-Centre - Gestion Sani-Éco (in French only) (2 min 22 s)

Established in 1990 in Granby, Gestion Sani-Éco specializes in the area of residual materials recovery and is recognized for meeting recycling needs.

National winner - Québec-Centre - Dany Belleville (in French only) (2 min 54 s)

Co-owner of Plastiques GPR, Dany Belleville manages the company's administration and human resources, setting herself apart by her concern for the well-being of her employees and by the healthy, stimulating work environment she facilitates.

Québec-Est - Hélène Godbout (in French only) (3 min 26 s)

The first and only female Kenworth dealer in North America until 2012, Hélène Godbout, through her exceptional leadership, has helped Kenworth Québec win 10 silver medals and 3 gold out of the top 300 performing Canadian and American dealers.

Québec-Ouest and Ontario - Edith Cyr (in French only) (4 min 02 s)

Edith Cyr has been working in community housing for 35 years and became general manager of Bâtir Son quartier in 1994. Under her management, the company became the leading community resource in housing development in Canada, creating 10,000 residences through 400 cooperative and non-profit projects.

National winner - Québec-Est - Philippe Lemieux - Ferme P.M. Lemieux (in French only) (3 min 18 s)

Before getting fully involved with the family dairy farm and becoming a shareholder, Philippe went to university, worked on other farms and was even an agricultural account manager at a financial institution. Today, with his clear vision and objectives, his farm is in full swing.

Québec-Centre - Joël Marcoux - Ferme Jenphil (in French only) (3 min 27 s)

Co-owner of the family farm since 2012, Joël is a determined dairy producer who has high hopes for his company and therefore didn't hesitate to expand the stable. He is constantly looking to increasing his knowledge and the efficiency of his farm. Joël is confident that he will be the farm's sole proprietor in 2019.

Québec-Ouest and Ontario - François Galarneau - Ferme Galarneau (in French only) (3 min 12 s)

A proud fourth-generation farmer and majority shareholder, François always knew that he would one day run the family dairy farm. Today, the company is recognized for its productivity, the quality of its services and its sustainable development initiatives.

National winner - Québec-Est - Logisco Groupe Immobilier (in French only) (3 min 48 s)

Logisco Groupe Immobilier has worked in the construction and long-term management of residential and commercial buildings for over 50 years, earning it an inventory of over 150 buildings, representing 3,300 apartments and nearly 300,000 square feet of commercial space.

Québec-Centre - Médifice (in French only) (3 min 34 s)

Founded in Boisbriand in the early 90s by Marce Landry, Médifice specializes in the construction and management of buildings tailored to the needs of the health sector and seniors residences.

Québec-Ouest and Ontario - Multivesco (in French only) (2 min 56 s)

Established over 40 years ago by Camille Villeneuve, Multivesco is a real estate leader in Outaouais, offering residential land development services, commercial space rentals and building construction, adaptation and refurbishment services.

National winner - Québec-Est - Adélard Soucy (in French only) (3 min 06 s)

A Rivière-du-Loup business specialized in machining, welding, work site mechanics and piping for Nord-du-Québec's heavy industry, Adélard Soucy sets itself apart by the mobility of its services.

Québec-Ouest and Ontario - Nutrifrance (in French only) (3 min 42 s)

A Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu business established in 1991, Nutrifrance produces high-quality frozen dough—with natural ingredients, no salt, colouring or added sugar—to make muffins, cake, cookies and nutrition bars.

Québec-Centre - Thermoforme d'Amérique (in French only) (2 min 38 s)

Located in Nicolet, Thermoforme d'Amérique offers the widest range of polymer cabinet components in North America, meeting consumer decor needs and requirements.

National winner - Québec-Ouest and Ontario - Ergoresearch (in French only) (3 min 32 s)

Established in 1998 in Laval, Ergoresearch is Quebec's leader in orthotic manufacturing and also specializes in developing medical equipment and software for the orthopedics market.

National winner - Québec-Est - 32 MARS (in French only) (2 min 43 s)

Established in Quebec City in 2011 by Simon Allard, Guillaume Genest, Steeve Marin and Simon Veilleux, 32 MARS is a rapidly growing agency with over 100 large-scale achievements in advertisement campaigns, design and interactive marketing.

Québec-Centre - MK3 Mobile (in French only) (3 min 39 s)

Established in 2012 in Boisbriand by technology enthusiast Pierre Fleury, MK3 Mobile specializes in the distribution and sale of mobile phone and tablet accessories as well as technical support for individuals and businesses.

Québec-Ouest and Ontario - Lamarche Electric (in French only) (3 min 32 s)

Created by Ottawa's Shawn Lamarche in 2013, Lamarche Electric already has 40 employees who are determined to provide the best electric design and construction services for the residential, commercial and institutional sectors.

National winner - Québec-Est - Groupe Bertec (in French only) (3 min 01 s)

Founded in Islet, Groupe Bertec designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of medical equipment that’s recognized for its quality and design accuracy and meets Health Canada and Food and Drug Administration (U.S.) standards.

Québec-Centre - Exo-S (in French only) (3 min 41 s)

Exo-S, whose head office is located in Sherbrooke, is a world leading provider of injection- or blow-moulded products for the automotive industry, creating products specialized for agriculture, recreational vehicles, household appliances and toys.

Québec-Ouest and Ontario - Groupe PR International (in French only) (3 min 49 s)

PR International Group of Laval imports and distributes dried and coated nuts and fruit, snack foods, sugar and cocoa.

Awards finalists

See the winners and finalists of past editions.

Important dates

Awards ceremony: October 22, 2014, in Lévis

Next application period: February 2015


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