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Write up a business plan

The business plan is an essential tool to bringing your project to light. It contains quantitative, qualitative and financial information about your future business. It is based on your business plan that financial institutions will be able to evaluate your future company's viability.

Business plan writing tools

A business plan is a precious tool for any business owner, whether of a start-up, in business for several years or in the process of expanding.

Canada Business Network has several tools to help you write your business plan. Desjardins also offers a guide on how to purchase an SME: Comment acheter une PME (in French only, PDF. 3.25 MB).

Once you're completed your business plan, you'll be ready to apply for financing. To find out more, see Prepare your request for financing in the Finance your business section.

Several organizations exist to assist entrepreneurs and can be called upon for help drawing up your business plan. Here is a sample:

  • Centres locaux de développement du Québec (CLD)
  • Canadian Youth Business Foundation
  • Small Business Enterprise Centres
  • Community business development corporations:
    • Quebec
    • Ontario
    • Canada