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Career opportunities


Video - Apply for a job at Desjardins: an online guided tour

Video - Apply for a job at Desjardins: an online guided tour

When you build a career with Desjardins, you have access to positions in some 20 employment fields throughout Quebec, in several Canadian provinces and even abroad.

Are you looking for a job that offers employee benefits and competitive compensation, in addition to a workplace that promotes a life-work balance and respects the environment? Do you want to continue expanding your competencies by having access to professional development? Join the Desjardins team!

Desjardins Group is seeking passionate individuals who thrive on challenges and demonstrate outstanding team spirit.

Field that uses math to assess the probability and financial impact of incertain future events. In addition to managing and measuring financial risk, an actuary's work generally consists in analyzing and designing insurance and retirement plans, and employee benefit programs

View job opportunities in actuarial services

Field that includes supplies, purchases, as well as information management and product administration.

View job opportunities in administration

Administrative support essentially consists of activities related to reception, secretariat, data processing and office work.

Aurélie Briand, Administrative Assistant

Added on January 23,2013

Aurélie Briand
Administrative Assistant
(1 min 54 s)

View job opportunities in administrative Support

Activities related to business customer services and business development: financing, sales and operations support, and sales consulting.

View job opportunities in business and insitutional services and sales

Your general profile

  • Have 1 year of experience in customer service or sales and have a Diploma of Collegial Studies (other combinations of academic and work experience may be considered).
  • Can converse easily in French (bilingualism required for some positions).
  • Possess skills such as:
    • excellent sense of customer service
    • self-reliance
    • ability to inform and listen
    • composure
    • computer skills
  • Competitive salary and employee benefits
  • Paid training
  • Full-time (35-hour) or part-time (12-hour or more) employment
  • Interesting career opportunities in client advisory services
  • Dynamic and professional work environment focused on skills development


View job opportunities in actuarial services

The field of finance and accounting is made up of a wide range of professions that include various activities, such as budgeting, general acocunting, the economy, financial statements, taxation, payroll, as well as auditing and inspection.

View job opportunities in finance and accounting

Grouping of areas of activity that have in common an employee's life within the organization. All the expertises related to human resources have one thing in common: managing the skills and life of an individual within the organization. These activities include organizational development, staffing, recruiting, training, skills development, work organization and total compensation.

View job opportunities in Human Resources

Design, operations and development of IT and telemarketing systems, and support activities. Technology architecture, the support, development and maintenance of systems and databases, system operation, as well as telephony and telecommunications are the key sectors of the field of information technology.

View job opportunities in actuarial services

This field, which includes compensation, underwriting, as well as sales and business development, meets the financial security needs of individuals, groups and businesses by providing life insurance, health insurance and retirement solutions.

Business and team management. This field includes management positions, as well as general or department management positions for caisses and Desjardins Business centres

View job opportunities in management

Field that determines the supply of products and services based on consumer motivation and habits. Market research and analysis, supply management, e-business and marketing are at the heart of this field

View job opportunities in Marketing

Coordination and deployment of strategies, and application of project tactics. Project management refers to the coordination and deployment of strategies to ensure project effectiveness: preliminary study, project analysis, planning, execution, control and evaluation.

View job opportunities in project management

For individuals and businesses, property and casualty insurance refers to home insurance, auto insurance and recreational vehicle insurance. The main activities related to this field are compensation, underwriting as well as sale and business development.

Added on June 1, 2012

Mark Brissett, Property and casualty Agent (1 min 46 s)

View job opportunities in property and casualty Insuranceproject management

Grouping that includes internal communications (with managers and employees) and external communications (with members, clients and the general public), government affairs, event planning and translation.

View job opportunities in public affairs and communications

Risk management includes identification, assessement and potential credit, market and operation risk control management.

View job opportunities in risk management

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Desjardins is committed to meeting the needs of its employees and providing opportunities for both their professional and personal development. To learn more, see Career mobility.

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Desjardins representatives regularly visit various campuses and job fairs to meet with you.

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